June 10, 2018

Project Projections

Attendees at PAFA's "Project Projections" explored projection photography techniques at Family Arts Academy this month. We began with a visit to  Ghost in the Machine: Video in the Realm of Objects in PAFA's Alumni Gallery. 

Families interacted with the video installations and projections and experienced the small dark space of the exhibit.

Back in the auditorium, we had lots of projectors set up - slide projectors with images from PAFA's collection, digital projectors with op art and Planet Earth scenes, and overhead projectors. We went lights out and started playing!
 (Side note: overhead projectors NEVER GET OLD, and I use them with tons and tons of projects). 

Kids and their grownups could interact with the machines, putting themselves into paintings, swimming with sharks, or making scenes with cutout shapes and colored gels. Others kept busy capturing the experience on camera phones!

S/o to the artists exhibiting in "Ghost in the Machine" and a very awesome immersion room wallpaper design exhibit at Cooper Hewitt, which everyone should go see!

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