March 28, 2018

Book It

As a response to some of their favorite "literature", my pre-K students have been collaboratively filling some blank books with their creations:

The youngest classes at our school are three and four years old, and they made a very simple "colors" book, and a more ambitious alphabet book respectively. 

For our colors book, we began each class by choosing two colors, and students helped mix paint colors, filling a single page with a single hue. (Each day we could do two side-by-side pages, allowing a whole day to dry). Later they added to the pages using tempera sticks and pastels. The cover was gesso'd and got a beautiful rainbow. We've already "read" this book a number of times - you'd be surprised at how intriguing a book with no words can be!

An older class took on the alphabet. We used a die cut machine to make letters, and the kids choose what would go on each page to represent the letter.. Their drawings were cut out and collaged on the corresponding page Some were really easy go-tos (like"Z for Zebra") while others were more...inventive (like "C for Caged Building").  The cover was decorated wth tissue paper letters carefully glued on. Similar to the color book, this alphabet book has already found a prime spot among our favorite reads.

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