January 8, 2017

Pezzetinos: little pieces

Our first week back from break, and we got deep into painted paper collages.  We started our week by reading Leo Lionni's "Pezzettino".

 In Pezzettino, the "little piece" goes on a journey to find his whole, and learns that "he too, like the others, was made out of many little pieces." The kids thought of ways they were made of many pieces, and that their classes were similarly made of lots of pieces!

On the practical side of things, we spend one day prepping paper to be used in our collages. We mainly worked with acrylics and a variety of brushes, and used shaving cream to marble paper.

On subsequent days, the paper was cut up into strips and then (hopeful) squares - lots of good gliding and snipping practice - and all these crazy creatures were created.

"A Royal Unicorn: the one who helps people get gold from jaguars, and she's really strong"

"Tutu Monster: the one who rolls"

"Cat: the one who scratches"

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