November 20, 2016

Horsing Around: BARDING

This week at the Art Museum, my 5 and 6 year old friends and I spend some time in that favorite spot of museum going children everywhere: ARMS and ARMOR. With this visit, we gave some special attention to the 500 year old Horse Armor of Duke Ulrich of W├╝rttemberg

We took in all the details of the barding (that's horse armor!), including decorative and functional elements. The kids picked out toy horses and took them to meet all knights in the gallery, looking for the bravest candidates with the best designed armor.

Back in the studio, each horse got named and developed special skill sets. Kids used Model Magic, foil, pipe cleaners, chain, pom-poms, feathers and jewels to create custom barding for each toy horse.

Upon completion, horses participated in a fashion shoot and then were recruited for a horse army march before heading home. See pictures: they were ALL. SO. GOOD.

(Wearing a medal for bravery.)

(Very ready for winter, "almost like wearing lots of blankets".)

Muy misterioso.

 This horse needed a pal (and now has one!)

So safe. So protected.

This one has very beautiful rainbow hair. Lots and lots of rainbow hair.

Teachers and museum educators out there: A+, strong recommend, high engagement and interest from all kinds of learners. Horses!

Philly friends: take a kid to the Arms and Armor gallery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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