July 17, 2016

Altered Silhouettes (Kara Walker)

"Monkey's Uncle" 1996

I spent a week exploring SHADOWS with 8-10 year olds at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. We saw three different Kara Walker pieces in the galleries, part of PAFA's "Happiness Liberty, Life?" exhibit, and discussed how silhouettes can tell a story.

"Canisters" 1997

After seeing these pieces, I broke out of one my personal favorite art-making tools: the overhead projector of olde. (The kids guessed it was an old scanner, a microscope, and a "typer". Sigh.)

Using the projector as a light source, they traced oversized silhouettes in pencil, then added a detail that would tell their story. 

Each student mixed their own special paint color, and completed a detailed altered silhouette.
(And, through the course of this project, I learned how to confidently spell "silhouette". Victory.)