May 30, 2016

Batman Bags

Faced with that annual problem of sending artwork home at the end of the year, I thought bags might be a fun solution, and slightly more exciting than the poster board portfolios I've done in the past. 

One of my students draws this Batman. Most days. And his classmates definitely recognize his style and like his work, so we decided to dip into silk screening. I cut a stencil from contact paper (after, sigh, several failed attempts at using light emulsion), and the kids each pulled their own ink.

After they dried for a day, kids personalized them using fabric crayons. (I didn't exactly follow the fabric crayon directions, but our method worked pretty well! The students colored directly on their bags, and I ironed them under a piece of white paper to set the crayon.)

It was really fun to see how they turned out - each one had it's own color scheme and style.
I can't WAIT to get them full and get all that art outta the studio!

Most of my students made these cool masking tape stencils of their initial 
(and you can read about this positive/negative space lesson right here on Pacon's site)