April 16, 2016

Drawing from Life

Still life and pre-Kindergarten might sound impossible. Oxymoronic. But look! It happened!

Thanks to an influx of succulents in my life and some beautifully blossoming city trees, we had lots of plant life on hand to draw. 

Students spent a (4 y/o relative) long time observing the plants and fruit with their best "looking eyes", noticing the 3d shapes of the pots, the shapes of the flowers and leaves, and the relation of the plants to their surroundings.

We discussed the differences and similarities we saw, learned some still life vocab (like baselines and foreground and background) AND even got to watch Cookie Monster eat paint a still life.

Some students worked on their projects for multiple days (which is a BIG "persistence" win for us), and their final artworks were a mix of oil pastels and watercolor. Pretty fantastic.

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