December 23, 2015

Froebel Sewing Card Remix

This "winter" we tried out sewing for the first time in our pre-K art studio. I based this project on one of Friedrich Froebel's occupations from the 1830's (with a slightly more contemporary palette). 

Tons of new skills with this project!

Read all about it, and see more pictures of the abstract constellation-like stitchings the kids made over at Pacon's website.  Mini lesson on Froebel, the inventor of Kindergarten too.

Like it/need to make it? I've got the lesson plan with pre-K standards available to download here

December 2, 2015

Sandy Mandala

While studying traditions from around the world, our pre-Kindergartners learned about the detailed ephemeral sand mandalas carefully created by Tibetan monks. 

We created our own, more permanent version by stamping and tracing geometric shapes with glue. 

Sand was carefully selected and poured onto our mandala,
and at each step, excess sand was shaken off (very exciting).

Students experienced the creation radial symmetry, worked together in collaboration, and practiced decision making while choosing colors and shapes for their mandala design.

Lesson plan (including pre-K Visual Arts Standards) here!