April 8, 2015


Although kids get really excited for "take-home" masterpieces,
I find they also get pretty into process based art projects in the studio.

My pre-Kindergarten art classes at Settlement Music School studied the work of special needs artist Judith Scott, whose wrapped and woven sculptures have been recognized and exhibited throughout the world.

Judith Scott wrapped both precious and mundane objects in her work, to the point where their original shapes became unrecognizable.

Students learned about wrapping up tiny treasures with our substitute, Miss Emily.

And they spent days wrapping our own special communal object, the skeleton of a well-loved but ultimately abandoned Ikea Cirkustält. I stripped it, then they wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped it.

It was awesome to see the collaboration and decision making that went into this "no-rules" project.
As many as six students at a time were responsible for working together, 
choosing which supplies to work with, and what to incorporate into their final design. 

Above is the view from inside. 
(Pretty much any art project you can be inside of is a great project. Right?)

Like so many great installations, this one eventually had to meet it's demise, but it was just as fun to tear down as it was to wind up. A giant mess, but fun.

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