February 9, 2015

Embellished Prints

As part of a relief printmaking project, Seventh and Eighth graders at Greene Street Friends School created compositions inspired by famous artwork ranging from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol. 

They made editioned prints, and chose one from the series to embellish using 
color, embroidery and collage. 
Above, a print inspired by Pablo Picasso's "Girl on the Ball", 
adorned with hand stitched details and colored pencil.

Upon completion, students wrote brief artists statements describing their
inspiration, methodology and techniques:

"The inspiration of my artwork was the painting "Girl with Cock" by Picasso. The style is cubist. The artwork displays a deformed looking girl holding what appears to be a rooster with his legs tied up. There is also a knife in the background which shows the fate of the rooster. To me the art kind of symbolized that life is like a cycle. I noticed an infinity symbol in the ear of the girl. It shows that life will keep on going infinitely. To me the painting represents how the girl will kill the rooster so that she will live and eventually she too will die. For my piece I chose to almost mirror Picasso's art but change a few things. For example, I chose to incorporate the infinity sign as a symbol in itself. (Also this is a Quaker school). I also tried to keep the strange look of the painting that Picasso brings. When I first saw his painting, the oddness struck me and caused me to look twice - I wanted people to have the same reaction to my painting. 

In my print I used lines to outline my figures. I used very bold, thick lines for the rooster so it would stand out. For the things in the background, like the other thing the girl is holding, I made lighter lines so you would only see them after you started looking at the print. To embellish the print, I used all three ways we learned: embroidery, gluing, and coloring. I colored in all the infinity symbols so that they would be more noticable against the black and white print. I glued random incomplete shapes and hearts on the print too. I wanted to show how nothing is ever really finished in life. As for embroidering, I strung around the boarder with salmon string. I chose to go around all four sides but one, to again show that nothing is ever complete."
Spring 2013