November 12, 2014


We spent a week this Fall learning about cave art, decorating our own cave, and creating collaborative artworks inspired by caves around the world.

First up was the Lasceaux Caves, 17,000 year old caves in France - we learned about their (re)discovery in the 1940's by the heroic "Robot" the dog.

After looking at lots of Paleolithic art from Lasceaux, we built our "Little Lasceaux". Dream hideout.

Armed with LEDs and oil pastels,  and lots of ideas from Lasceaux - like bears and felines,

the kids decorated the cave with pictures of creatures that are in our lives, like these ferocious beasts.

What might it be like to hang out and live in a real cave? PS7 and PS6 told stories and illustrated them on the dark walls of the art studio using mini cutouts of Paleolithic animals and an overhead projector.

Next up we learned about Cuevas de las Manos in Argentina, known primarily for the stenciled hands adorning the walls and ceilings. 

Just like the inhabitants of 9000 years ago, we experimented with positive and negative space, tracing, cutting, spraying: and made our marks.

And: onto the next adventure.

Oh, and one Wooly Mammoth.

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