August 16, 2014

the Time Machine

8-10 year olds in PAFA's Summer Art Camp: Time Travelers. 
While studying ideas of time travel from literature and film, these students 
designed their own time machine, and built it from scratch! 

They built the frame, assembled the structure, wired the electric components, 
and added tons of special features, like a food dispenser, 
a past/future mail slot, and port holes. 

After we create a basic design, our special guest builder, Ryan Anderson 
helped us make a super sturdy frame from PVC

We were super lucky to have Brendan Schrader and Chris Terrell from
Philadelphia hackerspace Hive 76 helped us wire our control panel! 
This was obviously an integral addition to our machine.

details from control panel


This collaborative sculpture project was definitely a summer highlight.
See some of our concurrent time travel themed projects here.

PAFA Summer Art Camp, 2014

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